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A Curse Upon You
May you never know the feeling of a friend who's always there,
May you never know the comfort of a family who care,
May you never know a mother's voice, to soothe away the pain,
May your dreams be filled with things you'll never gain.
May you never know a compliment from those who rank above,
May you never know the gentle touch of someone that you love,
May you never know companionship from those you stand beside,
May your every waking wish remain denied.
May your victories be tainted by the deeds that came before,
And your present always fearful what the future has in store,
May your dreams and hopes be torn from you in tumult and in war,
For these things and many more you've torn from me.
For these things and many more,
For these things and many more,
For these things and many more you've torn from me.
:iconadreanna:Adreanna 1 1
Twin-Tails :iconadreanna:Adreanna 2 2
Good morning, my love.
I woke to feel your head next to mine,
A warm weight on the pillow.
Smiling I reach out for a kiss,
But get, instead,
A face full of very surprised cat.
:iconadreanna:Adreanna 1 0
The Abyss of the Weeping Crystal
It was Ace Merriden who first found the crystal, floating in the void in the Bermuda Nebula. He should never have been there in the first place, of course, but once he brought in the crystal that all got shuffled neatly under the carpet in the interest of getting the relic into government hands. Ace Merriden was pleased to be of help to the government, so long as the carpet was big and not too picky about what got shuffled under it. He went on his way a considerably richer man with a considerably shorter criminal record and the government scientists went on their way with one hell of an enigma.
In the years that followed team after team of scientists studied the crystal. They could all tell at a glance that it was something remarkable, but try as they might they could never show why. Then, after a while, each team would get worn down by the work. Constant experiments that yielded no results, constant sensations that left no records, and always, always the gentle sound of sobbing. Ace h
:iconadreanna:Adreanna 0 1
The Concerto of the Empty Way
A simple boy, of simple tastes,
Came to the city from the wastes,
Came to learn and came to live,
Came to heal and came to give.
So the city took him in,
Surrounded him with stench and din,
Took his love and wanted more,
Seized his soul and left it sore.
He'd lived his life to natures song,
Now lost among the noise and throng,
And with it gone, felt small and lost,
The benefits not worth the cost.
The city had no need for him,
His will was weak, his thoughts were dim,
The city had so many more,
To praise and worship and adore.
He could not heal as he had dreamed,
This life was not what it had seemed,
He longed for home, he longed for rest,
Yet still he stayed to do his best,
Though city folks seemed harsh and cold,
He sensed a story yet untold,
And so he thought that he would rather stay,
Than put his tail between his legs,
And slowly slink away.
Amongst the thronging markets,
And the crowding of the docks,
He came across a single street,
As barren as the rocks,
Here the windows all
:iconadreanna:Adreanna 0 1
The Fifth Darkness
I remember when I first found out I didn't know everything. It was a shock to me. No matter how often I was told I had a lot to learn I always saw it as learning to use what I already knew. Learning to handle it, to harness it. Learning to direct it. And then, one day, I was hit by the dreadful realisation that not only did I not know what to do next but that I had done things in the past without full knowledge or understanding. I had made mistakes. I had hurt people. And I hadn't even noticed.
It set off a spiral. A quiver in the center that was me. Before long that quiver was a quake and my world came falling down around me. I found myself in darkness.
"Where are you, child? Come to me."
"I can't, teacher. It's too dark."
"What is the Darkness, child? Why is it there?"
"I don't know, teacher. I can't see. I'm lost and I don't know where the truth is."
"List the Darknesses, child. Remember your litanies."
I felt like I was spinning, dropping, out of control, but I reached for the lita
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Fox and Bear pendants :iconadreanna:Adreanna 1 1 Amber and Wood :iconadreanna:Adreanna 2 6 Oak Leaf Brooch/Pendant :iconadreanna:Adreanna 1 1
The Pixie in the Laundry Room
My imaginary friend lives between the washing machine and the tumble dryer. The gap is very narrow, so she must be tiny, and she never comes out. I think she might be stuck. I asked her once if I should get Mum to move them so she can get out. She said thank you, but that it wouldn't help. She's a pixie, you see, and she's under an evil curse. She made a wizard mad once and now she can never leave that spot.
I talk to my imaginary friend a lot. She tells me about magic, and what it's like to play in the sky with the dragonflies, and I tell her all about school and Mum and my life. She never seems to get bored listening to my stories, not like Mum, and she never tells me to grow up or that I'm being stupid or too emotional. My Mum didn't know about her, and I brought my blanket down to the laundry room and pretended to be reading whenever she came in and my imaginary friend was careful not to talk when Mum was around, but Mums know everything and eventually she decided that I was spendi
:iconadreanna:Adreanna 2 3
The Warrior and the Healer: 16 :iconadreanna:Adreanna 0 2 The Warrior and the Healer: 15 :iconadreanna:Adreanna 0 0 The Warrior and the Healer: 14 :iconadreanna:Adreanna 0 0 The Warrior and the Healer: 13 :iconadreanna:Adreanna 0 0 The Warrior and the Healer: 12 :iconadreanna:Adreanna 0 0 The Warrior and the Healer: 11 :iconadreanna:Adreanna 0 0

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RVA - Tempted Singer
Tonight I stand on this very floor;
Heart racing.
Energy rising.
Final moments to never be lived again.
Open arms,
Open wounds,
Life at its least finest.
I glance out at the audience -
Silent but with a curious gaze...
Here I am.
So my voice raises,
Ignorant of all worry;
Never once beginning to think.
Greater and louder and higher and faster,
Echoing throughout the building,
Ringing and rattling in each eardrum,
Only then do I stop;
Near silence fills the air.
The crowd gapes, again in curiosity;
Heaving breaths strain my chest;
Exhausted lungs begin to collapse.
Eyes follow me as I fall.
Void of life and of love,
Emptiness fills me.
Once, I look up...
Fearful eyes meet my gaze.
Tears fall as my soul leaves the stage.
Every drop brings me untold sorrow...
My body eventually decays,
Pierced by Cupid's unstrung arrow.
Tonight, I learn the truth,
A reality that comes too far too late:
Trust no one, never at all.
I tried once, but look at me now:
Oppressed by the world,
Never to love
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"Always remember how much of our foreign policy has been shaped by that one promise to a scared little girl."

This line was quoted to me in a dream, and I dearly want to know the background to it but, it being a dream, I don't even know if there is any. So what can I do? Forget about it? Never!

Instead I challenge anyone who reads this to write me the story that this quote is from. Who was this girl? How did her fear shape foreign policy, and whose foreign policy did it shape? I'm dying to know!


Closing date will be midnight on the 30th of April

Pieces can be submitted by note, by replying to this journal entry, or (if you know me IRL) by email or facebook note.

Both prose and poetry will be accepted

My time is limited, so please keep your entries under 5,000 words

There is no minimum word limit
(although people submitting entries with no words in them are unlikely to win :P )

Entries will be judged by me, and me alone


A currently unspecified hand-made piece of art by me


Adreanna Robson
Artist | Artisan Crafts
I can make it... I can make it beautiful.


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